complications of ankle injuries

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Three Reasons to Schedule a Visit With a Local Podiatrist

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While your feet are hidden most of the day – obscured by socks and shoes – the reality is that when you’re contending with a foot-related issue, every step you take can be uncomfortable. It’s refreshing to know that help for myriad foot ailments is just a phone call away. Scheduling a visit with a local podiatrist is an important step to take for all matters related to your feet. Even if you’re a little embarrassed about how your feet look, your podiatrist has seen it all and, more importantly, often possesses the solutions to your predicament. Read More»

A Painful Lump On A Toe: Things To Know About Bunions

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Does it hurt to put your foot in a shoe because there is a big lump on your biggest toe? The painful lump might be a bunion, and it will require treatment by a podiatrist, like Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of Palatine or others, before you will experience pain relief. In this article, discover what you should know about a bunion and getting it treated for pain relief. What Causes a Toe to Develop a Bunion On It? Read More»

Try These Natural Toenail Fungus Treatments Before Resorting To Drugs

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While there are prescription drugs available for the treatment of toenail fungus, for many patients, the side effects they cause are hardly worth the relief from toenail fungus. Prescription treatments for toenail fungus can cause flaking of the skin, swollen glands, rashes on the face, flu symptoms and fever, among other symptoms. If you are looking for a more pleasant way to cure your toenail fungus, consider trying one of these natural treatments instead. Read More»

Struggling With Heel Pain? Here Are Some Possible Causes And Treatments

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Heel pain is a frustrating condition because it interferes with your ability to walk, work, and stay mobile. There are several causes of heel pain. The first step is to locate the exact area of pain, as this can help diagnose the problem. Here are a few possible causes for your heel pain and what you can do to relieve it.  Pain On The Back Of Your Heel When the pain is located on the back of your heel, it could be your Achilles tendon that is inflamed. Read More»

3 Tips For Preventing An Infection When You Have An Ingrown Toenail

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Ingrown toenails are caused by a number of factors, but they usually happen when a large amount of pressure is placed on the edge of your toenail. This often results in the toe nail digging into the skin surrounding it. Once the toenail breaks through the skin, your toes are more susceptible to infection because they no longer have a barrier protecting them. If you are unable to control the infection on your own at home, then you may require medical attention. Read More»

The Fungus Among Us: Three Natural Ways To Treat Toenail Fungus

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If you suffer from toenail fungus, your podiatrist may recommend using a prescription medication to treat it. While they are often effective, these medications can cause side effects like fever, sore throat, hearing problems ad joint pain. Thus, it is worth your while to explore other treatments before resorting to prescription medications. Here’s a look at three natural ways to treat your toenail fungus.  Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is acidic, which helps alleviate any pain and itching caused by toenail fungus. Read More»

How Weak Ankles Cause Tendonitis And Plantar Faciitis And How A Foot And Ankle Specialist Can Help

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If a podiatrist has diagnosed you with weak ankles, it means that the ligaments in your ankles overextend, allowing your feet to roll outward and or inward. While you may feel less pain than other people do when you accidentally twist your ankle, your condition, unfortunately, causes several other painful conditions in your feet and ankles. If your podiatrist has not explained to you already what these conditions are, here is the “ Read More»

Preventing And Dealing Wth Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that causes a lot of pain and can affect your everyday life if you aren’t careful to do what you can to prevent and/or treat it. If you have plantar fasciitis or you fear you may be at risk, then you should read the information in this article so you can learn about the risk factors for the condition and things you can do to treat the pain. Read More»

Three Ways Runners Can Prevent Metatarsal Stress Fractures

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Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of runners quite like the threat of a stress fracture. Unlike soft tissue injuries like tendonitis and sore muscles (which you may be able to run through if you take it easy), a stress fracture will leave you sidelined for weeks, potentially wrecking your entire running season. Metatarsal stress fractures, which are fractures of the bones in the top of the foot, are among the most common injuries in runners. Read More»