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How Weak Ankles Cause Tendonitis And Plantar Faciitis And How A Foot And Ankle Specialist Can Help

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If a podiatrist has diagnosed you with weak ankles, it means that the ligaments in your ankles overextend, allowing your feet to roll outward and or inward. While you may feel less pain than other people do when you accidentally twist your ankle, your condition, unfortunately, causes several other painful conditions in your feet and ankles. If your podiatrist has not explained to you already what these conditions are, here is the "Cliff notes" version. 


There are tendons in the backs of your ankles, most notably the Achilles' tendons, which attach the heels of your feet to your lower legs and ankles. When you have weak ankles, your feet roll in or out and pull unnaturally on these tendons. Over time, the constant pull causes extreme pain, discomfort and tightness in your ankles. You will notice the symptoms of tendonitis when you wake up in the morning; your tendons will be tight, stiff and it will be difficult to move your feet without causing yourself pain.

Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tendons that span the undersides of your feet. When you have weak ankles and your feet roll to the sides, pressure is applied to the bottoms of your feet. Your body attempts to make your ankles straight up and down and keep your feet from rolling while pressing your plantar fascii into the ground. Like the tendonitis in your ankles, the plantar fascii are pulled unnaturally taught, your feet become flat to the ground and every step you take feels like you are walking on hot coals. The pain is even more noticeable after you have sat on your couch for awhile or slept at night and then put your feet down on the floor to stand. 

How a Foot and Ankle Specialist Can Help

A foot and ankle specialist or podiatrist can not only diagnose what your foot and ankle pain is, but also how to treat it. If you have flat feet, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, about the only thing that your doctor can do is correct your weak ankles with orthotics. Anti-inflammatories, both oral and topical, can help ease your pain and discomfort. Icing your feet and ankles while elevating them can help too. As a last resort, your specialist/ podiatrist can perform surgery on your ankles to correct the weakened muscles and overstretched tendons, but since this will not correct flat feet, you may still have to wear orthotics to correct plantar fasciitis.