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Three Reasons to Schedule a Visit With a Local Podiatrist

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While your feet are hidden most of the day -- obscured by socks and shoes -- the reality is that when you're contending with a foot-related issue, every step you take can be uncomfortable. It's refreshing to know that help for myriad foot ailments is just a phone call away. Scheduling a visit with a local podiatrist is an important step to take for all matters related to your feet. Even if you're a little embarrassed about how your feet look, your podiatrist has seen it all and, more importantly, often possesses the solutions to your predicament. Not sure when you should call a podiatrist? Here are three health issues that podiatry can improve.


Gout is a painful foot condition that is often characterized by symptoms such as swelling in the big toe, itching and a hot, burning sensation. Scheduling a visit with your podiatrist is important because this health expert will be able to help by prescribing medication to help with the symptoms, suggesting at-home techniques you can perform to alleviate the pain, such as applying ice to the area, and recommending some dietary changes that can help you manage this condition. Typically, eating a healthier diet and cutting down on your intake of red meat and alcohol is beneficial for those suffering from gout.


Developing an occasional blister from wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes isn't a reason to visit a podiatrist, but if you find that your feet are perpetually suffering from blisters, a podiatry appointment can be beneficial. The podiatrist will be able to get to the bottom of the cause of your blisters, whether it's the particular shape of your feet, a specific manner in which you walk or even shoes that don't suit your foot shape or size. You'll then get a variety of suggestions, which can include customized inserts for your shoes, some recommendations about changing your walk and a specialized shoe fitting to ensure that your blisters will soon be a thing of the past.

Smelly Feet

No one wants to admit to having feel that smell, but the reality is that if your feet are strongly scented, there's a chance that something is wrong. It's common for people who have fungus around their nails, for example, to suffer from strong-smelling feet. A podiatrist, such as Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle, will be able to determine the exact issue behind the odor, suggest an ointment to eliminate and fungus and provide some other tips, such as changing your socks a couple times per day to keep your feet in a dry environment.