complications of ankle injuries

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Running With Plantar Fasciitis As A Running Companion

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If you are a runner, you do everything you can to take care of your feet. Without your feet, you can’t do what you love. However, since you are running, you do run into problems. One of those is plantar fasciitis, which is also sometimes known as runner’s heel. If you have started noticing that you have significant foot pain, you may have this problem, and should go see a doctor. Read More»

What Is Causing Your Heel Pain And How To Prevent It

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Heel issues are not only annoying – they can actually be quite painful! Irritating heel conditions can seem to strike you out of nowhere, leaving you wincing in discomfort and eager to see your podiatrist. If you want to keep your heels from aching and burning, you need to find out the main reasons why they may be in pain to begin with. Here are some common causes for heel pain and how to prevent them. Read More»

4 Home Remedies For Treating Dry Feet

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Your feet are the only part of your body where you do not have oil glands, which is in large part why they always feel a little drier than the rest of your body. However, you feet do have lots of sweat glands that help keep your feet moisturized. Many individuals suffer from dry skin on their feet, which left untreated, can be extremely uncomfortable. Here are a few at-home remedies you can try to treat your dry feet. Read More»

4 Hiking Tips For Your Feet And Ankles

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Whether you are hiking a well-trodden footpath through level forests, or climbing craggy peaks to a triumphant summit, your feet are one of your most important tools when you are on the trail. Even a badly tended to blister can become a major medical emergency when you are miles from civilization. The following tips will help keep your feet happy and healthy when you are traipsing through the backcountry. Tip #1: Pick the Right Shoes Read More»